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Welcome to IIoT News. Thanks for checking it out.

The premise of The IIoT Times is simple: The Internet of Things is a massive, broad and fragmented category. If the Industrial Internet of Things is layered on top of it, the category is too immense to be covered adequately. And, though there is plenty of overlap, the IoT and the IIoT are very different animals.

cyber_seven_by_lieggioThere seems to be no source of news that uniquely covers the IIoT. There is plenty out there, but it generally is at general IT and telecom news sites and at analysts’ and vendor sites. In other words, coverage is diffuses. There are not one stop shops for the IIoT.

The IIoT Times will aggregate this news, along with backgrounders of different sorts. It will be updated on all weekdays.

The site may eventually be more than the bare bones presentation that is here. However, it is never going to win any design awards. That’s not the point.

The value proposition is that this site — which will send out newsletters on Tuesdays and Fridays beginning in a few weeks — will be easier, a bit more efficient and have more content than a newsfeed of some sort or alert. The IIoT News will be free, at least at first. If you are kind enough to provide me with your name and email, I’ll send you the newsletter free for a month or two. After that, there will be a $15 annual charge to access the site. That will include the newsletter.

The IIoT is a fascinating category: It is broad and advancing quickly on a number of fronts. Many of the most power companies in the world are deeply involved. Hopefully, the IIoT News can help people track this rapidly evolving sector.

Obviously the site is just starting. If you’d like to contact me before I get the permanent email set, pls. use cweinsch@aol.com. Thanks.

Image: Cyber Seven by lieggio

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