The IIoT Times’ Mission: Define The Industrial Internet of Things

definitionThanks for visiting The IIoT Times.

The goal of The IIoT Times is to define the industrial Internet of Things.

The IIoT in a way is too big for its own good. It is a huge topic both horizontally (the industries, government sectors, etc. it encompasses) and vertically (the stacks and silos of functionality–from sensors to management suites–necessary to make it work). Nobody is sure where it begins and ends (Is it part of the IoT or a separate entity?). It is comprised overlaps with other emerging technologies that also are confusing (cloud, M2M, big data, etc.).

In other words, it’s a mess, definition-wise.

It’s also a moving target. As of right now, the mandate of The IIoT Times is to answer these questions:

  • What is the IIoT?
  • Is it a subset, super set or discreet from the consumer IoT?
  • What technologies comprise the IIoT?
  • What companies offer these technologies?
  • What standards drive the IIoT?
  • What companies, organizations and consortia created and advocate for these standards?
  • How do the standards compete/cooperate with each other?
  • What vertical industries use the IIoT?
  • How do they use it?

The site and newsletter will use a mix of charts, graphics and spreadsheets to answer these and other questions.

Buyers’ guides and a list of important IIoT people also will be a part of this project. I invite everyone to send me information about themselves and their organization. I’ll post more on that soon. n the meantime, pls. feel free to contact me at with ideas and suggestions.

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